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    Why resumes are so hard to write is because we really don’t know what to say about ourselves. It’s true no one knows us better than we do, but yet to get it out on paper becomes difficult.

    There are many reasons that people don’t like to write their own resume, but the following 4 reasons reign at the top.

    1.It’s always hard for us to talk about ourselves

    Most of us can’t find the right words to say about ourselves. The society we have grown up in may be a little to blame here. As you were growing up I’m sure you heard many times �don’t toot your own horn’.

    It’s this type of mentality which stops us from saying things we need to say to get a job. I remember as a child, I said to one of my friends that I am the best reader in my class. My friend said, “It is not nice to brag you know”.

    After that, I changed how I talked about myself. I started choosing my words carefully, whereby eventually I didn’t say anything which may have come across like I was trying to get attention.

    This same attitude followed me into my adult life. It was when I became career counselor that I was able to change how I thought, but this was due to the fact I had to write resumes and cover letters for other people.

    I learned how to brag about others, which had me thinking I could do the same for me. It wasn’t easy, but I knew that jobs I was going to be going for had much competition from others. I had to stand out no matter what.

    It all came down to the realization that a piece of paper had to sell me first. This brought about the fact that no one else was going to be able to say good things about me in the way that I could.

    With the focus of pre-selling, eventually, it got easier to write good things about myself.

    2.It’s hard to know what hiring managers are looking for

    Only if we could into the mind of the person hiring would it make it easier to write the exact words they need to see.

    At least that’s the way I used to think. But now I know better. They don’t look for anything specific, but more of what the person sending the resume can do for them.

    Most of us are afraid to put things down which may seem of little insignificance to us, but for the hiring manager, they could speak volumes of our capabilities.

    Don’t you think it would be better to put it down and let the hiring manager decide for themselves what they are looking for?

    The trick with writing geared towards hiriing managers is to find good actions words to get your message across.

    3.Not everyone likes to write

    At one time I wasn’t a writer, as a matter of fact, I was told when I was younger I should not do anything with writing. I actually did not like writing at all because I was afraid to make mistakes.

    Now you know mistakes in a professional world can end up being costly. It’s a wonder why many people choose not to write their own resume.

    The fear of writing and having others seeing their written work can make the toughest people freeze up inside. In the past, I used to come up with distractions just so I could avoid the dread of writing.

    I bought many books on how to write, but unfortunately, rather than help me collect my deep thoughts on writing, they started collecting dust.

    It took me a few years before I started developing my skills, but the gist of it is start writing 5 minutes every day. Don’t worry about it if its good or bad, just do it.

    This will get your creative juices going as well help you develop more vocabulary.

    4. There is a need to be perfect for someone we don’t know

    The need to impress a stranger outweighs the need to impress people we know.

    Now do you know why that is?

    My thought on this is that we find we need be someone different to get the job, not who we really are.

    It’s an innate quality many of us have, not something most of us would go out of our way to do. Rather, it’s just something that happens.

    At the end of the day, the most important thing to remember is the person reading your resume is just another human being who is trying to fill a position with the best candidate possible.

    Instead of trying to be perfect become the candidate by letting them of your awesome qualities you can bring to their organization.

    I agree resumes are so hard to write, but with practice, they can and do get easier. But the trick is to get started. Only then will your mind open up to start releasing your greatness on paper.

    Let me know in the comments below how you started writing your own resume.