Situations That Call for The Services of a Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents are expensive, time-consuming and drain you out emotionally. Have you recently been in a car accident and sustained injuries that required medical attention? Accidents caused by negligence of one or both the parties involved could result in nasty lawsuits which make legal help more important. A car accident lawyer also helps accident victims to negotiate settlements with their insurance agent.

Insurance companies have their own team of lawyers to evaluate their injury claim. Hiring a skilled car accident lawyer will ensure you receive maximum applicable compensation. If you or your loved one was involved in an accident and looking for injury lawyers in Grand Junction, Co, reach out to Killian Davis car accident attorney. They have an excellent track record in and around the city. They will work with your insurance company on behalf of you and guarantee fair compensation.

When is it mandatory to call a car accident lawyer?

When there are expenses related to:

  • Serious injuries or fatalities: In the event of critical injuries, you may require hospital stay. Your medical expenses could spike especially if you are recommended long-term treatment. If you are the cause of the accident, you’ll have to bear the expenses of the victim. An attorney will work towards getting compensation for medical expenses.

  • Vehicle damage: Extensive car damage is applicable to be considered for compensation under certain conditions. Your lawyer will let you know if vehicle damages would be covered.
  • Loss of income: The accident may be left both parties to temporarily skip work thus resulting in loss of income. Car accident attorney helps in setting payment schedules.

You are responsible for the accident: If you are at fault, you could be facing charges. Bring it to your lawyer’s attention if you feel it is your fault. The lawyer would prep you for defense, manage an out of court settlement or talk to your insurance company about compensations.

Dispute on who caused the accident: There are instances when both the drivers involved aren’t able to give a clear picture of what happened and blame the accident on the other party. In the absence of witness, a car accident lawyer helps to sort out the dispute legally.

Delay in receiving compensation: If the insurance company of the opposite party is delaying the process of handing over the compensation, an attorney will push things forward so that you get a timely compensation.

The compensation amount doesn’t sound fair: If you feel you aren’t presented a fair compensation, an attorney would help you to assess the damages, give an approximate estimate of how much compensation you are eligible for and negotiate to raise the compensation amount.

Car crashes may lead to hours of negotiation and paperwork. Let a skilled car accident attorney handle it for you.