Why are Adventure Bikes so Popular

There are more and more adventure bikes on the road these days. It may be a fad, but probably it is because adventure biking is a perfect combination of motorcycle lifestyles. You can do everything on an adventure bike.  And I think that appeals to a lot of people who ride as a hobby and not daily. It would be quite ridiculous to have a 1200 CC adventure bike for running errands in the city centre. And it would be awkward running your cruiser through logging roads in the high country. Here are some of the reasons the adventure bike has become the bike to have.

  • All in One: As mentioned earlier, the adventure bike can do it all, although it does not specialize in anything. They are generally quite tall, too tall really, and they don’t corner like a sport bike, neither are they appropriate for leaping around on a super cross course. Their handles are wide, so they don’t split traffic well. But there are very few places they can’t go or things they can’t do. So, when it comes down to value, you get more bang for your buck with an adventure bike, and you get to try a little of everything. Plus, you have Yamaha motor finance to spread the payments.
  • Tough: One of the major advantages of an adventure bike is that they are made for adventure. Which means you don’t have to treat these bikes with kid gloves. If you lay it down, you pick it up (if you can) and you carry on. Have a look at Ewen McGregor’s Long Way Down series, if you want to see how many times you can drop an adventure bike and keep on rolling,
  • Safe: One of the things you will notice when you ride an adventure bike is they are no shrinking violet. The wide bars and the long travel suspension give you a riding platform that is stable and somewhat irresistible to outside forces. No matter what the road throws at you, you are likely better off on your adventure bike. The one drawback is that the height of the bikes makes them mainly a vehicle for taller men. But perhaps the industry can be shown that the height should come down a little.

The most versatile motorcycles in the world are surely the adventure bikes, it is the go anywhere or through anything bike, that has more power to get you where you are going than any other two wheeled vehicles. Why are they so popular? Because they can do just about anything.